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Origami Painting

Excellency Artwork, handmade!


Inspired by this ancestral Japanese art, our origami artists make paper folds of all shapes and sizes. They are made live during events or ordered to decorate your shop windows or any other place.

Our paper expertise and know-how will fascinate your customers and guests by expressing in an original way the values ​​of your Maison.

Inks and paints

Whether it is for an illustration or a portrait, inks and paints allow the artist to translate their perception through a movement that shows an obvious know-how and never fails to fascinate the public. Our artists create illustrations of fashion silhouettes, of store displays, of furniture, etc. and customer portraits. All these can be done live on site.

Other than traditional arts, we offer a modern approach through digital art. The idea remains the same but the artwork is completely digital.


Embroidery is a technique that allows one to create a pattern (letter, drawing) by hand or with a machine on a fabric using a variety of stitches. We use this technique, by hand, to customize fabrics according to our customer’s wishes.

Embroidery has become increasingly popular and seduces through its traditional quality.

Our references

Boucheron Paris
Louis Vuitton
It’s Going to be Perfect!

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The Calligraphy Workshop

“The beautiful handwriting” is done with nib and ink for the most renowned luxury houses.
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