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Calligraphy – Engraving – Embroidery – Illustration

For over 25 years GraphiPlus Création focus on personalisation using and renewing all artisanal know-how

Stage the art of writing, here lies the heart of Atelier Graphiplus’ approach. In the 2000s, while the digital world and standardized writing were taking over corporate communications, Atelier Graphiplus bets that calligraphy, still has a place in the graphic landscape as a customization tool.

Our mission: provide each and everyone of our clients, wherever they are, with a bespoke signature

In 2014, Atelier Graphiplus opens its London office. It has since kept growing globally and added a New York office to its London and Paris ones in 2018.

Always keeping in mind our focus on excellence and French elegance, we have kept innovating in high-end customization and launched the “in-store live art” concepts. With this new service, our know-how enters the heart of your boutiques: nib or pen calligraphy, engraving (glass, metal), origami, illustrations, portraits, paper cutting, hand embroidery are being done live and directly in store.

Atelier Graphiplus delights in sharing its love and passion for beautiful paper and calligraphy through unique and perfectly executed creations.

Ivan Baron, CEO & Founder

Our latest news

Atelier Graphiplus changes its logo and Parisian address!

Atelier Graphiplus changes its logo and Parisian address!

A new logo... The lockdown was for Atelier Graphiplus the opportunity to emphasize its luxury and art positioning by adding it as a baseline to its new logo. The latter unveils a modern calligraphy that respects the rules of the traditional know-how...

Inspiring: anamorphic 3D calligraphy by Tolga Girgin

Inspiring: anamorphic 3D calligraphy by Tolga Girgin

Tolga Girgin is a talented calligrapher, based in Turkey. He worked on a personal project called 3D Lettering with Parallelpen-Brushpen & Pencil, in which he mixes calligraphy with drawing and optical illusion. As a result, we just had to follow...


Live Art

Give your clients a bespoke handwritten calligraphy message.

Luxury Marketing

Enhance your mailing campaigns. Your clients will be delighted to receive a personalised envelope with calligraphy.

VIP Invitations

Personalise your guests’ names using a nib on a handwritten enveloppe.

Design Studio

Along with the best craftsmen, we create unique printed documents and come closer towards our goal of excellence.

An International Creative Workshop



New York

The Calligraphy Workshop

“The beautiful handwriting” is done with nib and ink for the most renowned luxury houses.
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