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Personalisation at the forefront of decoration


Engraving is a technique used to create hollow details (letters, drawings) on different materials (metals, glass, wood…). Atelier Graphiplus is specialised in pen engraving to reproduce calligraphy styles or any other pattern on demand.

This type of customisation is perfect for time proof gifts and pieces.

Depending on the material, we also offer gilding (gold, silver) to apply on the engraved pattern to highlight the whole piece.

Entertain and Gift your clients

Our live art concepts will amaze your clients all year long during the highlights: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween Christmas period…

Offer a unique experience of personalisation through our ephemeral creative concepts : engraving on flasks, calligraphy message, drawing on leather, paper folding and origami or personalisation of edible products…

Engravings on flasks

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